How to Find This Blog (Apparently)

Okay, so this isn’t a post about the effects of sex steroids on bone health. Not even close.  In fact, I haven’t even started that post yet because I just can’t seem to get caught up with life in general.  But I thought I would make a quick post about something that, to me anyway, is kind of funny and interesting.

Recently, I made this blog “visible” to search engines.  That, in and of itself, is not so interesting, but one of the more cool things about Word Press (the host of this blog) is the statistical package that is automatically supplied along with a blog.  Actually, it’s why I chose Word Press after Matt Kailey recommended it.

Anyway, one of the more interesting statistical readouts is “Search Engine Terms.”  In other words, I get to see what terms people have used on search engines such as Go ogle that have resulted in their discovery of this blog.   (You noticed I misspelled the “G” word – I don’t know if it’s possible, but I sure as hell don’t want hoards of people finding this blog by having that name in here.)

Surprisingly, the search term used most often to find this blog is “americantransman.”  All total, there are 42 hits on this blog from that term or some permutation thereof.  Why, you might ask, is that surprising when it’s the name of this blog?  Well, I guess I am surprised that there are 42 people who remember it.  Or perhaps there’s just one person who has searched for this blog 42 times using that term.

I’ll list the rest of the terms below for any of you interested in checking them out.  When I read them, I get an image in my mind of the person who might have been sitting in front of a computer typing in those terms.  I imagine what type of person it was, what their motives might have been and what kind of frame of mind they were in.   For some of them, I wish I could reach through cyberspace and talk to them, but since I can’t, I’ll just list their terms.

Okay, that’s all for now. The next post will really, honestly, truly be about bone stuff.  I promise.


metoidioplasty 5 – now this one confuses the hell out of me because I have not used that term in any of my posts
trans man 4 – no big surprise there
estrogen cream for clitoromegaly 2 – estrogen for clitoromegaly? well, that won’t work – I hope they read my post 2 – no big surprise there
transman 2 – or there
how to be a guy transman 2 – a newbie transguy perhaps
trans guy blogs 1 – ever searched that one? I have – there are LOTS of trans guy blogs out there
t cream dht estrogen 1 – that one makes a lot of sense
trans man site 1 – that one does too
my mum is trans 1 – someone who might have just received intriguing news from their parents
things to say to a transguy 1 – really interesting one there – wonder if they got a date out of it 1 – not surprising
trans man matt rice 1 – I wonder how many people contact Matt Rice each month (after all, I did)
order ftm testosteron beard 1 – not sure what they were ordering here, testosterone, an FTM or a beard
hair loss for transmen 1 – bingo!
transmen pumping 1 – hopefully they found the link to the site that really has info on pumping
testosterone dht feedback loop 1 – excellent!  perhaps another scientist?
dht testicles 1 – interesting
testoseron creme beard growth 1 – another bingo
male trans 1 – hmm, maybe better to go to Craigslist with that search term combo
thomas beatie legal issues 1 – maybe a trans guy wanting to get pregnant?
if you have a thick beard does that mean 1 – … you’re trans?  I wonder about the end of that question
free loren cameron clit photos 1 – I’m honored to be on the same search list with Loren Cameron (but I’m not sure his photos of trans genitals are free)
how to tel someone you are a transman 1 – I hope that person found something helpful from my blog
matt kailey 1 – I hope that person found Matt Kailey from my blog
my girlfriend hugged other guy 1 – oh, poor bastard!  his girlfriend hugged another guy!!!  (imagine this guy, all upset about his girlfriend hugging another guy, gets on-line to figure out how to deal with it and ends up on a transsexual’s blog)
trans man transman difference 1 – the difference?  just grammar
“thomas beatie legal issues” 1 – another trans guy thinking of having kids?
is androgel or andractim better for clit 1 – don’t use the androgel!!!
ftm coming out 1 – I feel for you buddy
creamed transen panties 1 – oh my
transsexual madness 1- maybe the same person as above
has thomas beatie had any legal issues 1 – and yet another future pregnant trans man
andractim beard 1 – good, good…
ftm matt-kailey blog 1 – him again – can’t get away from that Kailey guy (hey, did anyone notice his shiny new web site?  looks great)
testosterone product for beards? 1 – a 16-year-old high school kid?
can a ftm get pregnant 1 – yes!
transguy 1 – yo
going on testosterone trans blog experie 1 – I’m sure there are a gazillion blogs out there by trans guys documenting their transition after starting T
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10 Responses to How to Find This Blog (Apparently)

  1. Rhiannon says:

    Very interesting queries – but your responses are really cool! We think alike!

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  3. jas says:

    No. Did not get a date out of it : – ). I think I was searching for gifts to give transman. Anyway will pass this site on to the transguys I know. I think this could be a very good site bec its the only one I’ve seen with a focus on medic transissues. There are a lot of you tube vids made by transmen who’ve got cancer and transmen with eating disorders. But they are personal stories. You give the medic side to it. Do you need me to send you the links of the vids? What about transmen who are pre T and have PCOS… can you do a blog entry about it??

  4. jas —
    Thanks for the comments about my blog. I appreciate it.

    I am aware of the YouTube videos. There is an entire FTM video community on YouTube which, I must admit, I am not a part of, mainly because I prefer to read than to watch. Feel free to post links here in the comments if you would like.

    The PCOS issue… ah yes, very interesting, that topic. I will eventually make a blog post about PCOS in trans guys. It’s a little further down on my topic list, but it’s there. So many topics, so little time. Stay tuned….


  5. Wrommadam says:

    awesome blog here also really like the design

  6. victoria says:

    It made me laugh that what i searched for was on your list. xx

  7. We’ll never know…

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