How to Find This Blog (Follow-Up)

I have received a number of inquiries about a sequel to one of my blog posts:  How to Find This Blog (Apparently).  In that post, I provided commentary on a list of search terms that had directed people to my blog from search engines.  Some of the terms were rather amusing and people have been asking for more.

But since that post, I have been wondering, was it a bad idea to make it in the first place?

Imagine, if you will, a person sitting at their computer, upset about something that has happened recently in their life – perhaps one of their parents has come out to them as trans, or maybe they have just realized that they, themselves, are trans.

They try to make sense of it all by getting information.  They sit down at their computer, possibly even distraught, and they enter search terms, clicking away and visiting different web sites, absorbing whatever they can find on the subject.

In doing so, they come upon some trans guy’s blog and see that the very search terms they have been using are listed and maybe even mocked.  I can’t imagine how detrimental that might be to such a person.

Now you might say, “Well, what are the chances of that happening?  Probably pretty low.”  And that would likely be accurate.  It’s not like I get a lot of traffic on this blog.  But even if it happened to just one person, that would be one too many.

Why?  Because once upon a time, I was that person.  In October of 2007, when I realized I was trans, I spent quite a bit of time on the Internet looking for information and answers about who I was, and I was definitely distraught.

So although there are even more amusing search terms nestled in the statistics of this blog than when I first posted on this subject, I will keep them there.

And if you happen to be one of those distraught people who stumbled upon this blog because of the search terms you used, I wish you well and hope that everything turns out okay for you.


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