Which ATM Blog Posts Are the Most Popular?

I’ve mentioned before that one of the things I really like about Word Press (the home of American Trans Man) is the statistical package that comes with a blog here.

There are all sorts of different manipulations one can do to answer questions about viewership of a blog, from hits on the entire site down to the individual posts themselves.

Every once in a while, I check the stats for the total hits on the individual blog posts to see the types of posts that readers of ATM prefer.  I have to say, I have been somewhat surprised by the results and so I thought I would share them with you.

As of July 6th, 2010 (hope y’all had a great July 4th weekend by the way), three months after ATM went live, the hits on the different posts are as follows:

Title Views

Beards, Baldness and What’s in Your Pant 328
Part 2 of: Beards, Baldness and What’s i 320
About the Author 178
Sex Steroids, Estrogen Blockers and What 174
Part 2 – Sex Steroids, Estrogen Blockers 127
Why I Thank Thomas Beatie 117
Hugging — Stop the Madness 110
How to Find This Blog (Apparently) 108
Getting Some Facts Straight About Matt R 89
Easter Nightmares Put to Rest 86
Escalating Doubts of Manhood 81
An Island of Closet in a Sea of Outness 59
This Blog is Matt Kailey’s Fault 35
Male Gender Identity in an Individual Wi 35
Pride Day, 2010 32
A New Look — Already? 24
Surgery no longer a requirement for chan 22
How to Find This Blog (Follow-Up) 22
About the Header Image 21
On Deck – Bone Stuff 17
On Deck: A Case Study of Male Gender Ide 16
Still On Deck: A Case Study of Male Gend 12

So you might ask what’s so surprising about these numbers. Well, what isn’t a surprise is that the two top posts are the science/biology reviews about testosterone, DHT, finasteride, hair growth, hair loss and genital growth.  That’s a big, collective topic of interest for trans guys.  In fact, I had those posts in mind when I created this blog in the first place.

Likewise, it’s also not a big surprise that the posts about estrogen blockers and sex steroid effects on bone health are so high on the list (#4 & #5).

What does surprise me is that people are checking out “About the Author,” number 3 on the list, although now that I think about it, that should not be such a surprise, should it?  I mean, people must want to know who’s doing the writing.

I guess what surprises me the most are the 6th and 7th place posts, the ones about Thomas Beatie and hugging (especially the one about hugging).  I’m interested to know why those particular posts appeal to people.

What’s the take-home message from all of this?  It helps me decide what types of posts to make, and from these stats, I would say that if I focus on the biology and science relating to topics that are of special interest to trans guys, I’ll be hitting the mark.

But hey, you’re the reader.  What do you want to see?  Are there any requests out there in cyber-land?  Put them in the comments and I’ll see what I can do.


PS – Still working on the CAIS post, part 2…

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14 Responses to Which ATM Blog Posts Are the Most Popular?

  1. jas says:

    Most transmen I knew, could not identify with what Mr. Beatie’s actions. They were scared that the mainstream audiences would think ALL transmen are like Mr. Beatie and want to carry kids. The transgys I know refer to their inner female organs as ‘garbage’ ‘I want the ‘stuff’ out of me’. They love babies of course. They just dont want to be the ones carrrying them because they never identified with their female bodies anyway.

    I’m a cisgen woman. I found your site when I clicked on what gifts to get a transman and I saw the article of Thomas Beatie. I was happy any transman wanted to thank Mr Beatie. I’m sad Mr. Beatie got involved in the whole media circus because he never asked for it. It appeared in the Advocate and when the mainstream got hold of it they JUMPED at the story and turned it into a disrespectful circus show.

    REQUEST: Since your specialization is cancer research, pls write more about cancers and transmen and transwomen. Create a support group for them, online. There is this one transman youtuber who has cancer ; he had to stop T. Can you plant that video on your site and talk about the issue. Sir, there are not many sites that focus on cancer and the transman. This site should do exactly this. So please oblige.

    And in simple basic english please.

    Can you also expalain the PCOS and transman link. Why do such a large amount of pre-op transmen have PCOS and endometriosis.

    Can you write about Testosterone shots causing body odour and why that occurs. This is a special topic.

    As for hugging… are you really asking this? Most transguys who are preop are allergic to it. Come to think of it we are all sick of the hugging. Its artificial. Why would anyone meeting me for the first time want to hug me?

    Everyone wants to know who you are because, well, you are interesting – a research biologist in a pharma company. How cool is that! And plus this is the only blog I’ve seen that translates medical knowledge relevant to transmen, into somewhat simple english (but pls do better). Can we have more diagrams, and the sci-info in point form. Lik I mean infographics. Some stuff is complicated for us not-science folks. If you need help, I will help you create the infographics. You have my email and you can email me. Honestly I kind of give up reading when things are tough to understand, even though I give it a good try. If you can tell a story with a diagram or image, it is better for a picture is worth a thousand words.

    • Thanks jas. All good food for thought.

      First action item: try even harder to make posts more understandable and insert more graphics. (Thanks for the offer of help. I’ll keep it in mind, although I’m pretty handy with graphics as well.)

      As for your question, “Why would anyone meeting me for the first time want to hug me?” — yeah, well, that’s the bottom line, right? As for “most” transguys who are preop being “allergic” to hugging, I wouldn’t be able to say either way. I think it’s not easy to count us one way or another in that regard. I know some preop guys who are and some preop guys who aren’t.

      As for cancer in trans people, I will keep that in mind for a future post as well — in the meantime, here is a link to Matt Kailey’s blog where he touches on the subject.

  2. jas says:

    humm… my ex was a preop transman and he was thoroughly cool with the hugging and cuddling. Thanks for Matt’s blog. If you need any inputs with the graphics or anything else … you have my email.

  3. gr_transguy says:

    I also think that PCOS would be a great topic. And maybe something about options for transmen having kids, like hiring a surrogate or having your own and the medical processes involved (and the effects on the body and transition of the transman who gets pregnant). Possibly something on the different forms of testosterone–enanthate vs. cypionate, benefits/drawbacks of different oil bases, and injections vs. the forms of T used in other parts of the world. Another topic that I really would like to see is something about frequency of dosage of T. I came across a study some years ago that shows that by day 10, levels of T are back down to zero. If you can include info about effects of the spiking levels of T in the couple days following injection and the positive and negative effects of the peaks and gradual drop offs that occur with injections, how shorter intervals between injections reduces peaks and lows, etc. And this makes me think of something else that I know other guys have shown an interest in–injections vs. gel vs. patch.
    Just some ideas…

  4. j says:

    Fabulous !!! Now you’re talkin’ !!! Okay here is something: I have PCOS. It goes into remission. But I have to always be careful. I keep away from anything that may trigger it.

    (Now this is important…)
    I had a colleague who was pregnant. At the beginning of the third trimester, I stopped getting my period till she quit to have her baby. Another collegue missed her period for the first time in her life(!!!) and our boss went into a weird bleeding pattern. We all believe that the pregnant lady’s hormones effected us. And in many cultures they belive Periods are contageous, because all the women in the house will get their periods at the same time.

    (my point is….)
    If my partner takes T shots, and I have PCOS how will it effect me. Will it trigger PCOS? We all know from what I said above, that our hormones effect those around us.
    (I will base my love life and dating on what you say. So please do thorough research.)

    I hear pregnant woman are not supposed to even touch a surface (like furniture) where testosterone gel has fallen. I’m not pregnant but I got PCOS …. so what will happen to my PCOS, if my boyfriend is using T gel / patch?

    I also have ADHD so here’s something about T, ADHD and finger length to show if you were exposed to too much T in utero

    I know one mother who had several miscarriages. She eventually had a transgender baby. So tell me… did her hormone levels cause her baby to become transgender? I wonder.

    And this is a story that is simply heartbreaking; I wish there was a way to help them. In many cultures, including my own, we marry within the family. It’s a tradition that has been for centuries. No one understands the draw backs till it is too late:

    ATM mark my wrds: with my endocinology and imagination and with your brilliant scientific mind, together we will win the Nobel Prize for medicine. Sometimes I get up in the middle of the night …. my head full of these earthshaking theories that will necessitate the re-writing of medical books….(LOL)

  5. j says:

    gr_transguy nice to meet you sir; and you really have a lot of knowledge. I like all the topics you have proposed. I am keen to learn much more.

  6. Mac says:

    The hugging post appealed to me because I am not a hugger. I have quit frequenting certain places due to the fact that huggers will ignore the outstretched hand and announce that they are a hugger, therefore, we will hug. This sends me running back into my safe home where I can be alone in my space.

    I remember one specific place of spiritual enlightenment that I researched and felt I could be comfortable attending. Every service they had a greeting session where it was announced that not everyone was comfortable with a hug and if this was so just present your hand for a handshake. Week after week I presented my hand, only to be told “I AM A HUGGER” and before I could move I was being mauled. I tried sitting in a corner and not participating but inevitably someone would seek me out so they could receive their hug fix. I even tried running to the restroom during these greeting sessions, only to be sought out after the service to have my space invaded. I did not participate in any of the ceremonies and once again it was announced that these were optional. Apparently this was the first time anyone remained seated and it definitely made several people uncomfortable even though it was “suppose” to be accepted. Needless to say I quit attending. I now get my spiritual lessons by reading and the TV.

    I am a victim of incest, child molestation, rape, emotional and verbal abuse. There was no show of love or affection in the biological family I grew up in. There is a history of incest in the family and the denial is overwhelming. I did not have a childhood. Sex was introduced to me at a very young age and a part of my entire childhood. I don’t remember NOT being sexually active. I do remember being terrified of certain people, both family and friends of family, for reasons I could not explain at the time.

    Do I need to explain this to each and every hugger out there in order to have my wishes respected? Is there a problem with an extended hand being respected? Can a hugger understand that this simple act for them could be an act of terror to a child who has been molested or raped? Most acts of incest or sexual molestation begin with an act of showing love, earning the trust of the child.

    I worked with a hugger and he graciously shared this up front, verbally. He never approached anyone for a hug nor did he ever ask for a hug. When he needed a hug he would merely state I am a hugger and I could use a hug right about now. He received many a hug from many a people and he respected those who desired not to hug him. When this happened he hugged himself and went on with whatever he was doing.

    Any thoughts?

    • j says:

      Oh Mac, I’m glad you’ve articulated this, though I am very sad to read about your experience. Maybe now people will think twice before hugging. Have you heard of ‘the hugging saint of India’. Devotees line up for hours just to be hugged by her. Please take care of yourself. And remember that you are the Buddha. All the answers are in you.

    • Hey Mac. Good to talk to you today. Regarding your question:

      “Do I need to explain this to each and every hugger out there in order to have my wishes respected? Is there a problem with an extended hand being respected? Can a hugger understand that this simple act for them could be an act of terror to a child who has been molested or raped?”

      Well, I assume this is a rhetorical question. I asked basically the same thing in my post. I think the answer lies in the huggers, many of whom, unlike your respectful coworker, never consider the possibility that someone else would not want to hug because they, themselves, do want to hug. In your case, their lack of respect for your personal space is even more egregious because of the abuse that you suffered. It probably never enters these folks’ minds that with an act that they consider to be warm, giving and affectionate, they might actually be causing damage to someone. It’s a combination of thoughtlessness (about how they might be negatively affecting you and others) and assumptions (that everyone else feels the same way they do about hugging). The latter reminds me of a recent post by Matt Kailey on his blog that might be of interest to you.

      The unfortunate consequence is that because of huggers, you stopped going certain places that you wanted to be. They ruined those places for you. I am no therapist, but my reaction to your story is to urge you to go back to the places where you would like to be and reclaim your personal space by not allowing people to hug you. It can be done respectfully and politely in a way that should not offend them and yet get your message across. I have done it — I put out my hand, they try to give me a hug anyway and I quickly take a step back with my hand still offered and with a smile say something like, “Thanks but I’m more comfortable with a hand shake.” It works, and you empower yourself that way (which, I can tell you, actually feels pretty good). It would be a shame if huggers stop you from going where you want to go, especially if those places would otherwise provide you with a positive experience.

  7. Mac says:

    I need to edit the following paragraph of my previous post:

    I am a SURVIVOR of incest, child molestation, rape, emotional and verbal abuse. There was no show of love or affection in the biological family I grew up in. There is a history of incest in the family and the denial is overwhelming. I did not have a childhood. Sex was introduced to me at a very young age and a part of my entire childhood. I don’t remember NOT being sexually active. I do remember being terrified of certain people, both family and friends of family, for reasons I could not explain at the time.


  8. Mac says:


    Yeah it was rhetorical. I was trying to say what Matt pointed out. Basically, too many humans base what others like, don’t like based on their personal life. I do not know anyone else’s past, therefore it is not for me to judge. At times, I tell myself the person may have self-esteem issues, etc. I removed myself from an entire group of “friends” because I was tired of hearing the gossip about whomever was not present during the conversation of the day, and when the whomever showed up he/she was greeted as if nothing was said. The gossip was not flattering at all, but mean. The two-faced conversations was more than I can handle.
    I do remember meeting one young woman who had been molested by her dad and felt the need to hug everybody and when one huggee responded with a “feel” she went ballistic. She did not understand that the hug, which was innocent for her was a show of flirting to this stranger whom she had hired to remove a huge shrub in her yard. She was still functioning with a 3 year old mindset.
    My response was a personal one and it helps my healing to get my story out. At the time of the incident I needed my space, that is why I chose this particular place of spiritual study. Unfortunately, the woman in charge did not, in my opinion, handle the situation very well. No big deal, apparently I walked into a place of huggers and I was the outsider. My choice at that time was to quit attending.

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