ATM Blog Mission Statement

Cue the music…

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Gender…  the final frontier.

These are the voyages of the web log,  American Trans Man.

It’s fine queer mission:

To explore strange, new topics,
to seek out new science and new points of view,

(Imagine impossible whooshing sound of a star ship flying through the vacuum of space.)

Alright, now that we have that covered, let’s get down to work.

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14 Responses to ATM Blog Mission Statement

  1. gr_transguy says:


  2. j says:

    You must be a virgo. *deadpans*

    • Virgos like Star Trek?

      • j says:

        No your sense of humour is Virgo like. Who was your fav character? I used to want to date Chief Medical Officer Leonard McCoy. But check out my favorite Sci fi series. One was fireball XL5 and the other was Giant Robot a Japanese series

        No I’m not in my 70s. But in india in the 80s they showed international relics. But we thought they were hip new stuff.No wonder my cousins from abroad thought I was weird.

  3. j says:

    Fireball Xl5 is utterly quaint. It was brilliantly art directed. The little ‘sets’ were superb. The series was created by a process called supermarionation. It was made in 1960. I cannot believe you watched Johnny Sokko and the flying robot! LOL. It’s another great 1960s series.
    I also grew up watching this stuff….
    Indian Superman. It’s also where I learnt my best dance moves… LOL…

    how I learnt about staying safe:

    how to throw a punch (watch the 0.53 second part):

  4. j says:

    omg… how did the video appear here? I think you are going to ban me from your site. sorry sorry sorry.

    • Actually Word Press holds up certain comments that it thinks might be spam, so it’s not posted yet, but when you post a link to YouTube, I guess it’s no surprise that a video was embedded. Would you like me to discard it? I don’t have a problem approving it. It’s not offensive.

  5. j says:

    Ok approve it. I’m sure someone will enjoy it. Did you watch the videos? The superman one?? And that is how we HIV educate people in my country in the condom song. Pretty neat actually. So did you like them?? C’mon tell me you laughed.

    • They were definitely amusing. I think I’ve seen the condom ad before.

      One of my all time favorite videos is Chaiya Chaiya from Dil Se. Love the music, the lyrics, the countryside, the people, the cinematography…

      “He who walks in the shadow of love will have paradise beneath his feet. Walk in the shadow…”

  6. j says:

    Ok now I am very verrrry impressed. You know about that song. It was huge in my country. thank you for appreciating our cinema. Lyrics are the strong point in a lot of our movies. Most of it is sheer poetry in Urdu (the language of a lot of Bollywood lyrics, these days) Urdu is so beautiful. Even if you curse in it, it sounds poetic. My dad speaks Urdu and learnt persian. I speak only English. But a few years ago, this love struck little boy used to call me on the phone and recite couplets in Urdu. So I started to learn.

    is one of my favorites.. the tune and the lyrics. and as one of the comentators says… nothing translates well if you use English. Using English to describe the words in an Urdu song, is like trying to use sign language with 2-3 fingers missing. No offence to English language speakers, but English is a slightly poor language with words that do not reach into the depth of emotions.

  7. ahhhh… i thought you’re talking about automatic teller machine… but ATM means American Trans Man here 😉
    but i don’t understand what you’re talking about here…

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