Other Scientist Blogists Discussing Gender, Behavior and Biological Sex

Work, work, work…

I’m swamped this weekend with work.  (Kinda like last weekend.)

Because of that, and in honor of my recent posts about the science of gender, behavior and biological sex, I am providing links to two other blogs with posts about similar topics (which include sexual orientation, something I have not mentioned up to this point).

The first blog, A.E. Brain, is written by Australian rocket scientist Zoe Brain.  (No, honest!  She really is a rocket scientist.)  In her post, BiGender and the Brain, she provides insight from an intersex/trans perspective and presents data and references that might be of interest to readers of the four most recent ATM blog posts.

In addition, she made some really cool comments to my previous post that provide even more information on the topics at hand.

The second blog of mention is Science and Sexuality: The Biology of Sexual Identity, Sexual Orientation, and Intersexuality.  The author is Veronica (Ronnie) Durantz, professor of physiology, educator and public speaker, who not only writes, but also posts her PowerPoint presentations on her blog.

Here’s the irony — just as I, a trans person, look to research involving intersex people as a way of understanding the biology behind my gender, Dr. Durantz, a lesbian, looks to research involving transsexuals as a way of understanding sexual orientation.  Is that a kick, or what?

Check out her most recent presentation, Disordered or Just Different? Myth, Science, and Sexuality.

While y’all are reading those blogs, I’ll try to get out from under this pile of reports in time to enjoy the end of the summer (I hope).


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    hi. when you are free from work, pls check and see if everyone is also having a problem logging onto this site. The WP server has been mostly down the last 2 days. thanks. hope work goes well for you.

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