What Type of ATM Blog Post is the Most Popular?

I love statistics.

That seems like kind of a weird thing for a person to say, doesn’t it?  I mean, now that I think about it.  But it’s true.  I dig stats.

I’ve mentioned before that one of the main reasons I chose Word Press for my blog site is because of all the statistics that come with the package.  I can keep track of which posts are the most popular and so can know what the readers like and what they could do without (more or less).

So today I was wondering which type of ATM post is the most popular to date.  To find out, we need to look at the data and then crunch some numbers.

First, we need to know the number of hits for each of post.  Okay, here you go:

Title Views
Home page 4,254
Beards, Baldness and What’s in Your Pant 791
Part 2 of: Beards, Baldness and What’s i 606
Effects of Testosterone on Brain Masculi 454
Part 4 Male Gender Identity in an Indivi 404
Sex Steroids, Estrogen Blockers and What 387
About the Author 362
What “Makes” Gender? Part 2 of Male Gend 274
Part 2 – Sex Steroids, Estrogen Blockers 273
Why I Thank Thomas Beatie 233
Considering the Ethics of Discussions Ab 225
How to Find This Blog (Apparently) 220
Which ATM Blog Posts Are the Most Popula 205
Hugging — Stop the Madness 200
Male Gender Identity in an Individual Wi 178
Why Transitioning with Testosterone Tend 150
Getting Some Facts Straight About Matt R 146
Jack of All, Master of None 140
With Great Respect and Love 126
Escalating Doubts of Manhood 114
Easter Nightmares Put to Rest 111
An Island of Closet in a Sea of Outness 86
Decision? What decision? 68
About the Header Image 67
ATM Blog Mission Statement 66
A Big Round Number – Thanks to YOU 56
More About GLAD and the DOMA Decisions F 53
Pride Day, 2010 49
This Blog is Matt Kailey’s Fault 45
Transitions: They’re Not Just for Trans 37
Proposition 8 Struck Down by U.S. Distri 36
A New Look — Already? 34
How to Find This Blog (Follow-Up) 29
Surgery no longer a requirement for chan 29
On Deck: A Case Study of Male Gender Ide 28
The Plot Thickens – CA Gov Schwarzenegge 27
ATM Mission Statement 24
On Deck – Bone Stuff 24
Other Scientist Blogists Discussing Gend 21
Still On Deck: A Case Study of Male Gend 20
Check This Out – The Bilerico Players Pr 17
New Post Soon 15
Another Victory for GLAD & for All o 10

Okay, next, I removed from the analysis the posts listed in red because they’re not really posts per se but are menu buttons in the banner, just below the header image of the blog.

Then, I put the posts into 4 main categories:  Narratives, News, Science/Biology, and Stuff About This Blog.  The one originally categorized as “Rebuttal” (Getting Some Facts Straight About Matt Rice and Thomas Beatie), plus the most recent one that was originally categorized as “Commentary” were both put into the “Narratives” category for the purposes of these analyses.

Category Total Hits No. of Posts
Narratives 1324 12
News 221 7
Science/Biology 3760 11
Stuff About This Blog 768 10

Now, if we divide the number of posts into the total hits per category, we get the average number of hits per category:

So from this analysis, we would say that the most popular type of ATM blog post would be in the category of Science/Biology.

But wait — we still have to take into account the amount of time each post has been available for readers to see.  A post that has been published for, say, four months could have more hits than one that’s only been published for four days simply because it’s been available for a longer period of time rather than because it’s more popular.

Well then, what if we run a correlation between the number of hits an individual post has received versus the number of days it has been published?  If the number of hits is directly correlated with the number of days published, we’d see something that looks like this example of the correlation between shoe size and foot length:

In the above example, the bigger the foot, the bigger the shoe.  So how does it look for the number of days published versus the number of hits for each blog post?

Well, that doesn’t look like a direct correlation.  The number of hits for each post is not necessarily dependent upon the number of days each post has been up on the blog.

I wonder what the correlation would look like if we split the posts into the four categories we used above.  Let’s check it out:

And there you have it folks!  From this graph, we can see that the length of time that a post is up on the ATM blog has little or no effect on the number of hits it gets when it’s in the categories of Narratives, News and Stuff About This Blog.  It’s as though those posts receive a certain number of hits and then no one looks at them again.

On the other hand, the Science/Biology posts just keep accumulating hits over time, so the rough correlation would be that the longer the scientific posts are up, the more times people look at them over time.  It’s not a perfect correlation, but the trend is there.

Perhaps this means that I should concentrate on the science stuff and leave out the news completely.  The narrative posts and the information about the blog look to be okay to toss in once in a while, but it seems that you, the readers, want SCIENCE!

Can’t say that I blame you.  Science is good stuff!  Well, okay —  next post, science it is!


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11 Responses to What Type of ATM Blog Post is the Most Popular?

  1. j says:

    LOL LOL LOL. Okay back to studies. LOL. When are you doing the one on PCOS and transmen? You promised.

    • Hi J. The PCOS post will be so involved and complicated that I haven’t had the courage to even begin looking at the literature. I have another science topic I’ve been working on that I’ll post next. I did (and do) promise that I will write a post about PCOS in trans men. Some day. Before the end of the year.

      • j says:

        Okay. Done! LOL. That can be our Christmas special… just before everyone is about to dig into rich food and insulin resistance kicks in.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    AGHHH! I love narrative. Can I weight my readings of a couple of the postings with how much they meant to me? Statistics never tell the whole story!


    • Well, figures never lie… but liars can figure. Not that I’m lying, but, okay, you can give more weight to the narratives. I won’t stop writing them. I’ll just try to add more science.

      Actually, I have more narratives in my queue than science posts, so I’m not sure whether I will succeed. The scientific posts are harder to write, more complicated, and take longer. On the other hand, once I have enough of them posted, they’ll probably go into a book, so that will be worth all the work.

  3. Josh says:

    I dig stats too! And charts! I have to admit though, I read all your posts.

  4. Mac says:

    I have enjoyed all your posts. For me, I have to keep going back into the scientific stuff and study what is posted. I want answers and since I am an analytical person (Mathematics) the science explanation of who I am and why I am helps. Most of it is over my head, but by being persistent and reading all I can get my hands on, I can comprehend the basics. Keep up the good work and hope you are not traveling in the near future.

    • Thanks Mac. I hadn’t thought of it that way. I guess after one read the non-science stuff is understood, although I keep thinking that I am making the science posts understandable to the lay person but it seems as though I’m not really achieving that objective.

      I’m not traveling at all during the month of October, which is a good thing. Been getting my house back in order.

      We should catch up some time. I will try to give you a call.

  5. NEX-5 says:

    Tekintetében az információ megosztásának velünk.

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