An Exceptional Blog Post by Matt Kailey

Matt Kailey

Matt Kailey, a writer, editor, speaker and trans man, publishes a great blog called Tranifesto.  You can see it on my blog roll here to the right.

Although I consider all of Matt’s posts to be insightful, educational and well-written, I found his most recent post to be exceptional.

I encourage people to check it out, especially any non-trans folks who might like a better understanding of the differences between gender identity and sexual orientation and the reasons why transsexual people transition.

Matt’s post is entitled,”Trans Guys: Lesbians in Men’s Clothing?


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1 Response to An Exceptional Blog Post by Matt Kailey

  1. j says:

    A gentleman who has transitioned wrote this about gender identity “this whole thing is a journey of self discovery which will blow ya mind apart most probably, it has mine and I’m still learning because life is just one big learning curve from beginning to end.”
    Well even as transpeople discover more about themselves everyday, the people closest to them embark on amazing self-discovery too. Thanks to an ex I dated more than a decade ago, and a transman I am close to today, I have to redefine my own sexual orientation. I may not be as ‘bi’ as I thought I was. Amazing!

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