Technical Difficulties – It’s SNOWING

Dear Readers,

I have the second part of the Iceland saga all written and decorated with photographs, but a technical issue is holding up the show — I am not able to post it at this time.  The wonderful and talented folks at WordPress Support have been working on the issue and I hope it is resolved soon.

In the meantime, I have temporarily gone with a seasonal motif for ATM (complete with a little snow shower) and have the pleasure of posting an image created by J, one of the regular and talented readers of this blog (thank you J).  Take a close look at the star (or perhaps some would consider it a snowflake) — J would ask:  what do you see?

— Seasons Greetings from ATM

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10 Responses to Technical Difficulties – It’s SNOWING

  1. Jason says:

    Nice work J – could this be the chemical structure of testosterone bundled into a star shape?

  2. j says:

    Ahh haaa! I’m bursting to tell you Jason… but let’s wait for the first three correct answers so we can crown our resident Three Wise Men of 2010. (Who knows… you could be one of them!)
    Check back frequently for the results. And await details of the coronation.
    *Drumroll for Jason*
    (ATM, I hope you dont mind this competition.)

  3. Lloyd says:

    How about 6 Testosterone molecules?

  4. j says:

    *Tumpets *
    We are here to attend the coronation of this years Three Wise Men.
    For correctly identifying the T molecule in the star….

    *Drumroll *
    We crown His Royal Highness ATM Melchior
    *Drumroll *
    And His Royal Highness Jason Caspar
    *Drumroll *
    Not forgetting His Royal Highness Lloyd Balthazar

    The turkey escaped, so there will be no royal feast. Instead please go to your local Burger King and partake of a juicy burger as part of the royal celebrations. (also, pay for it yourselves.)

    Crowns … you want to see crowns…. Well my talented little cousin… our resident crown maker, has been banished into his room for beheading his sister’s doll. He is sulking under the pillow. So there will be no crowns this year. But all the same… congratulations to you THREE WISE MEN.
    *drumroll Trumpets*

  5. Lloyd says:

    So am I! Thanks!

  6. J says:

    LOL … have a splendid holiday season ATM, Jason and Lloyd with good times through 2011!

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