Okay, So NOW Where Have All the Blog Posts Gone??!

Hello readers.

You’ve likely noticed that I haven’t posted anything in a while. Well, I am working on the next post in the “Where do ovaries come from?” series.   Please bear with me … I’m getting caught up with life now that the First Event conference is over, and I’ve also been shoveling a LOT of damn snow!  Check out the snowfall Shaq-O-Meter at Boston.com to see how much snow we’ve had.

Thank you for your patience and for your interest.

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7 Responses to Okay, So NOW Where Have All the Blog Posts Gone??!

  1. Mac says:


    Welcome back! Looking forward to your next post, patiently waiting….


  2. Denise V says:

    I’m still enjoying the afterglow of First Event, but then I have good reason!
    Agree with you on the snow!


  3. j says:

    Sir, okay. We shall wait. While you battle the snow in the USA, spring has just come to India. And the king of fruits has arrived … the mango. The first crate of the box is always grandly auctioned. One mango went for Rs 600/-!!!!!!! It is an auspicious Indian fruit and especially loved by those in the west coast of India. Especially the states of Goa, Gujarat and Maharashtra. Girls even have motifs of mangoes woven into their silk wedding sarees! Oh yes thanks to PCOS I have to monitor the carbs I eat every day, so no mango for me. LOL. I will sneak one or two though. It’s great for the skin and hair.
    Ah if you are wondering, the price does come down as we get into mango season. There are innumerable mango varieties and the one that is prized is the Haapus mango that grows along the Konkan coast. It is also the one that costs the most.
    Anyway cant wait for the flower trees to burst into bloom. You know every year I wait for this one tree to blossom. It’s in the neighbourhood and flowers for just one day in the year. It’s flowers are a faded pink with just a faint tinge of yellow. I cannot describe the sight … it is beautiful beyond words. I have searched stores with the flower in my hand looking for a similar shade of cloth, but have never met with any luck. Spring is short in India. By April the fierce indian summer will begin. The one reason I look forward to March -April is I have a theory my hair grows faster in the heat. Like all PCOS patients, I feel extremes in weather much more dramatically and need re-hydrating electrolyte fluids regularly.

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