Things That Happened Over the Summer Blog Vacation

Back in June, I made a post about how I needed a break from this blog and was going to take the summer off from writing.  There were things I wanted to accomplish over the summer and writing was taking up too much of the time that I wanted to devote to other undertakings.

And so, I made a list of about a dozen tasks I planned to accomplish in the 3rd quarter of this year.  In some ways I was successful in meeting my goals, and in other ways, I fell woefully short of the mark.

For example, I wanted to sell this car, which I did do.

(It’s now cruising the roads in Holland.  That’s right, as in The Netherlands.  Seems that old American muscle cars are very popular in Europe right now and people across the pond are paying the coin to not only buy them, but to have them shipped over.)

And I wanted to get this car back on the road, which didn’t happen.  (Although I did manage to siphon the old gas out of the gas tank. Well, 5 gallons of it anyway.)

I planned to clean off the work bench in the garage, which I managed to accomplish, turning it from this…
… into this:

But I didn’t get the garage itself straightened up and organized like I had planned (although I did manage to take a load of old bad stuff to the town’s Hazardous Waste Day and dispose of it).

I wanted to clean up and organize my office, which I did, but then it became cluttered and disorganized again, so I cleaned and organized it a second time.  (Got to check that off the list twice!)

Most importantly, I wanted to start exercising again, which I did and continue to do, with Tony Horton kicking my butt on an almost daily basis.  I saw results after only two days, and in one month I’ve lost 2 inches around the middle…

…but I still haven’t gotten around to trimming the bushes.

However, the most significant event that occurred over the summer had nothing to do with my house, garage or home office.  It had to do with my workplace.  My employer moved us into a brand new, state-of-the-art lab building in June.  It’s a fantastic facility, getting a LEED Gold rating for a smorgasbord of environmentally friendly engineered goodies throughout the building.

And it looks mahvelous too.

In a wooded wetland setting, I am greeted from my second floor office window with the sight of trees and a small pond. Turtles and frogs sun themselves on the banks while small, black minnows dark through the shallow water near the edges.  A blue heron stops by once in a while to make a meal out of the fancy orange coy that call the pond home, while dragon flies dart to and fro above the water.  Once in a while, we catch sight of white tailed deer when they venture from the woods.  We take our lunch on the outdoor patio next to the pond when the weather is nice.  In an idyllic setting, it’s a great place to work.

It’s also on the complete opposite side of the Boston Metro Area from my house.

Over one sunny weekend in early June, I went from a 6-mile commute to a 40-mile commute through some of the most hellish rush hour traffic you will find north of the Mason-Dixon.

Why is this worth mentioning?  Because this new commute takes up two to three hours of my time out of every work day, even more when the weather shows a hint of turning sour, and those are hours that I used to devote, in part, to researching and writing blog posts.

So although I have started to put together the next post in the “ovary series” that’s leading up to a post about Polycystic Ovary Syndrome in trans men, it’s become painfully obvious that writing the scientific posts will require significantly longer intervals of time than they did in the past.

I considered just dropping the blog completely because of this, but decided against it, at least for now.  So I ask for your patience and I hope that you will stay with me while I continue to adjust to this limited schedule and do my best to post the scientific information that seems to be of interest to the community.

Thank you.


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7 Responses to Things That Happened Over the Summer Blog Vacation

  1. Josh says:

    We’ll wait.
    BTW, your garage at its worst is still 10x cleaner than mine.

  2. shanesdomain says:

    So glad you reconsidered and will remain blogging. Your techy posts are fabulously written!

    • Thank you.

      One reason I don’t want to stop posting is because I would like to take the science blogs and put them in a book for trans folks, and the only way that will happen is if i keep writing. I figure I have enough right now for about half of a book. So, I will figure out a way to keep writing. I hope.

  3. j says:

    Hi again! Oh dear, the traveling to work part will take some getting used to. However congrats on the new office. And all else that you accomplished!

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