Behind the Scenes at ATM: International Visitors

This is the 90th post on the American Trans Man blog!

Wow, who-da thunk it?  Ninety posts!  I don’t know about you, but I am surprised by this number.  I guess I didn’t realize that I had so much to say.

In honor of this milestone (while we’re on our way to 100 posts), I thought I would give readers a behind-the-scenes look at the ATM blog and add a special shout out to our international readers (i.e. those who are outside of the U.S.) …

 Here is what I see today when I log into the ATM blog on WordPress:

This isn’t the entire dashboard – there’s more below what you see here – but it won’t fit on an entire screen.  Still, you can see a number of noteworthy items on this view.

You can see that there have been almost 54,000 views on ATM, which is a pretty cool number.  You can see the number of views by day for the past month – that’s the graph at the top.  You can see the blog posts that received the most views today.

And, you can see a nifty new feature of the WordPress dashboard called the “Views by Country” panel.  I was really blown away when this new panel popped up on the dashboard not too long ago.

The number of ATM viewers and their locations by country are listed on the left side of the panel and on the right side is a map of the world highlighting the countries that are listed.  For me, this is very cool.

So far today, we can see that there have been 42 views of ATM by people in France.  All I have to say about that is, “BONJOUR LES FRANÇAIS!”

Ever since the View by Country panel has popped up on the dashboard, I have been curious about the people who visit this blog from different parts of the world and so I invite all readers to post comments.

I’d be very interested to know a little something about you — are you trans or non-trans, how did you find this blog, why are you visiting, are you looking for science stuff or something else, have you been here before or is this your first visit, etc. ?

And finally, to the all of the readers of American Trans Man, no matter where you are from, I thank you for your interest in this blog!!!


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11 Responses to Behind the Scenes at ATM: International Visitors

  1. Aran says:

    I am a transguy from a village in Ohio that’s not even big enough for its own post office. Some people said that I was nuts to transition here where I grew up, but it’s been okay for the most part. I was allowed to transition on the job, and management supports me. I’m a poet & a Quaker & bisexual, so talk about being out of the mainstream. Heck what stream? I enjoy your blog very much. Keep up the good work.

    • Welcome Aran. Always nice to meet a fellow Midwesterner.

      That’s cool that your experience so far has been okay (for the most part). I am from the middle of a cornfield, but the little town where I went to high school did have a post office. Now it even has several traffic lights! Although I didn’t transition there, people have been good about it.

      Thanks for the comments.

    • j says:

      And Aran is also a name from the Zagros !!! Good to hear that your management is moving to take care of you. You should start a blog with photos of all the things you see in Ohio.

  2. transkind says:

    I’m not 100% positive, but there’s a good chance that I’m the culprit for at least some of your french readers! Anyway, you deserve it! that’s a good blog you have, sir! 🙂

  3. j says:

    Sunny sunday morning here in India ;-))) Yah the world is a smaller place thanks to the internet. I’m listening to pop music from Lebanon on youtube, looking at the FB page of family that lives in the Zagros mountains and reading a blog by a man from the USA. I like. Very much !!!!

  4. Helen in OK says:

    I started reading this blog due to your excellent 4 part series on male gender identity. As a mtf I found it technical but understandable and therefore informative. I continue to read this blog so I can understand better those who pass me going the opposite direction. That way I have some idea about the issues of the ftms who come to the gender support group I belong to.

    • Hi Helen – thanks for the comment! That’s very cool – I wasn’t sure how appealing or informative this blog has been for our transfeminine sisters, so I appreciate your interest and feedback.

      While we’re on this subject, I have a short list of science posts that I plan to make for the FTM side of things, but once those are finished, I have been wondering if there is anything that the ladies might like to see me write about. Is there a technical or scientific question or two that you have been wishing you could find information about that might fit well into this blog (in your opinion)?

      Regarding issues of FTMs, you are probably well-aware that the issues that I raise in this blog are not necessarily issues that are experienced by other trans men, and vice versa. But there are certainly a number of transmasculine people who read this blog, so you could probably get a range of answers and narratives from them as well if you had a question or comment that you were wondering about.

  5. Ben says:

    Hello from an FTM police officer in England! I love reading your opinion and commentaries.
    Thanks for taking the time to regularly update a compelling read.

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