Coming to a Country Near You

Let’s say that there was a trans man.

An American trans man.

And let’s say that he was going to be in London later this month on business.

And he was going to have free time the evening of Wednesday, April 25th and all day Saturday, April 28th.

By any chance, would there be a community event or FTM/trans support group meeting that he might be able to attend that the readers of this blog could let him know about?

If so, please leave a comment here or hit me up by email at americantransman at gmail-dot-com.  (Not knowing what kind of spam will be directed to my email account if I type out the full address, I’ve given my email address in pieces.)

Thank you.


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4 Responses to Coming to a Country Near You

  1. Andrew says:

    Unfortunately there are no current events in London for the 26th and 28th of April. But if you were to arrive in London beginning of June there will certainly be more on offer within the social spectrum.
    Have a look at London.

  2. creepylesbo says:

    Ftm London are meeting on the 14th. May be worth contacting them to see if they know of any:

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