May 9, 2012: The Good, The Bad and The Beautiful

What a day it has been.

Tom Gabel of Against Me! Comes Out As Transgender
(You go, woman!)

North Carolina’s Ban on Same-Sex Marriage Sparks Cheers, Jeers
(Writing discrimination into your state constitution?)

Obama Announces He Supports Same-Sex Marriage
(Thanks for joining us, Mr. President.)

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4 Responses to May 9, 2012: The Good, The Bad and The Beautiful

  1. Isaac K. says:

    I will admit, I’ve not heard of Against Me! Though because I’ve never heard of the band, I have no idea how bad it is that I haven’t heard of the band. But very happy for Ms. Grace. I cringed at a couple of sentences in the article (“plans to begin living as a woman,” etc.), but overall I thought it was pretty respectful.

    Was also glad to see President Obama jump on the bandwagon. First sitting President to openly support same-sex marriage, right? Quite a historic moment. Will be interesting to see what comes of that.

    I don’t even want to think about North Carolina right now, though. And I think Colorado tabled a bill that would have granted civil unions. Doesn’t near the travesty of the NC amendment, but still sad.

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