Matt Kailey – We Lost You Too Soon

MattKaileyI am shocked and saddened to have learned of the death of trans activist, author and teacher, Matt Kailey, who passed away from heart failure in his sleep over the weekend.  Matt was tireless in his work for our community.  With humor, intelligence, thoughtfulness and a strong, articulate voice, he used different avenues to provide valuable advice and information to trans people and to educate society about trans issues.  His is a huge loss to our community. On a more personal level, he was a kind, decent human being and I will miss him.  Rest in peace, Brother.

Click the links to Matt’s blog, Tranifesto, and his books: Just Add Hormones My Child is TransgenderTeeny Weenies

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18 Responses to Matt Kailey – We Lost You Too Soon

  1. Walker says:

    Thank you for sharing this sad news. Matt was such a source of hope, good information and humor to me as I came out. I’m grateful for his work and sad to hear of his death.

  2. ravinj says:

    Oh no! I’m so sorry for your loss. We’re going to miss him.

  3. Acoustic Energy says:

    Incredible, he was incredible. I enjoyed reading his blog and saw him as a source of wisdom in my journey for truth. I, too, am grateful to his work and know the community lost a fearless voice and great hero.

  4. Thank you all very much for your comments. Dara, I appreciated your post. Thank you for providing the link.

  5. Florence Jane says:

    This is such sad news. Matt gave so much of himself to the community and was so articulate about our causes. He will be sooooo missed.

  6. Chase Joseph Laliberte says:

    RIP Matt. Trans Bro-In-Arms.

  7. Charlie says:

    I’ll miss him. I discovered his blog a few years ago when I was “butch” but had an inkling I was trans. It took his death to wake up and realize the truth. I wish I woke up sooner so I could ask him some advice that so far I can’t find answers too. And it’s nice a to see a trans man who likes men. Because, while I find myself attractive to both, I only ever had serious relationships with men.

    • Thanks Charlie for your comment. Like you, many of us will miss him. I can’t help but wonder how he would feel about your finding yourself through his death. Somehow I think he would love that thought and would be his wise self about it, with a dash of humor.

  8. j says:

    RIP. Very sorry for your loss. When a person like him passes on to the other side, it’s everyone’s loss, whether they knew him or not.

  9. gaytransguy says:

    Matt was also gay and during a time when I was told I couldnt possibly be a trans man because I have always been solely attracted to queer guys, he was someone to look up to tremendously. His web site and books got me through many a rough time and I am so sad to hear this news. As I lie next to my boyfriend in a hotel room in San Francisco the night before the trans march, I can only rage and cry at yet another wonderful trans person dying too young. For those who were lucky enough to know and love Matt in real life, my utmost sympathies for your loss.

  10. ddthrasher says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss. I couldn’t believe my eyes just this morning when I read an email from the Women’s Studies Department, dated May 20th about Matt passing. Some people might think I’ve been isolating, but in truth I’ve needed time to myself for emotional, and physical healing. Matt understood my need to go inward this summer. The only reason I checked my email today, was to contact him about unfinished business from last semester, and to discuss going forward this fall.

    My first class with Matt was ‘Writing Your Gender’ at MSU Denver during the spring semester 2013, and then each semester following that. Matt was such an exceptional person in so many ways. I’m saddened by this news, and to be honest my heart hurts today, as I’m sure the hearts of so many lives he touched, have hurt and continue to grieve his passing. I hold much respect for Matt as an author, my professor, and his transparency about issues that remained hidden from me until they were brought into my awareness as his student. I’m honored to have known, and to receive education from him.

    Matt was approachable, supportive, and generously shared of himself, helping me clarify when I found myself questioning thoughts, and feelings about a sensitive matter that had been gnawing at my nerves for far to long. He represented for me a safe person I could share my concern with. Matt’s background in Social Work made him all the more compassionate, and rarely are we honored to know such a humble, and genuinely kind and caring person. What a tremendous loss for friends, family, students, and the community he advocated for, educated, and cared deeply about. May his spirit, humor and words of wisdom carry forward for many years to come. Matt Kailey will be missed.

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  12. I haven’t been online in a while and hadn’t heard this sad news. Though I never met him in person, he always had a kind word for me and offered up advice all the time. I’ve recommended his books to several people along the way. Devastating.

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