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(Familiar) Stranger in a (Not So) Strange Land

I used to be invisible. In fact, I was invisible for decades but during all that time, I didn’t even know it. I came to realize it one day when I was walking down the hallway at work,  just weeks … Continue reading

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Holiday Greetings Manhattan-Style

I had the chance to go to New York City last weekend and I took advantage of the opportunity by checking out the holiday lights, mainly at Rockefeller Center. To say that I was blown away would be an understatement. … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks

Is it cliché to talk about giving thanks during the Thanksgiving holiday? I had a post all written about disrespectful and/or annoying questions that people have asked me when they’ve learned that I am trans.  But just before I posted … Continue reading

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After 9/11

It was about 5:20 on the morning of September 16, 2001 when the sound of a jet flying overhead broke into my sleep.  I announced to myself as my eyes snapped open, “The airport is open!” Normally, I don’t hear … Continue reading

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More Fun With Health Care Professionals

Back in May, I wrote about a visit to the dentist’s office where my coming out six months prior resulted in my being on display like a monkey in the zoo. Little did I know that I would encounter similar experiences this summer in … Continue reading

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With Great Respect and Love – Revisited

I wrote this post a year ago.  It was published on August 19th because I finished it after midnight, but it was August 18th, 2010 when I learned the news that induced me to write these words.  I publish it … Continue reading

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Lessons Learned in Iceland – Revisited

June is a month of significant dates in Iceland.  Just a couple days ago, June 17th, was Iceland’s Independence Day, with the United States being the first country to recognize Iceland’s independence from Denmark in 1944.  June 11th marked the one-year … Continue reading

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Boston Pride 2011 & Blog Summer Vacation

On Saturday, I attended my third Boston Pride.  The weather was awful – cold, windy at times with intermittent downpours. But the bad weather didn’t seem to dampen people’s spirits.  This was only my third Boston Pride and only the … Continue reading

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Coming to a Dentist’s Chair Near You…

A few weeks ago, I had my semi-annual visit to the dentist’s office to get my teeth cleaned. Usually, this would not be so remarkable, except that this particular visit was six months after I had come out to my … Continue reading

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A Gift on Good Friday

On the evening of April 22, I was in a small church in one of the Boston’s neighborhoods, preparing to observe Good Friday. This wasn’t a church I regularly attend, but sometimes I go when it’s been a while since … Continue reading

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