Reblogging Posts from ATM

Reblogging guidelines for American Trans Man posts:

1. Please leave a comment to let readers (and me) know that a certain post will be reblogged and where it will appear. I am interested in checking out other blogs and readers of my original post might be curious about those other blogs as well.

2. Please give credit where credit is due and acknowledge my blog up front. Putting a source link at the bottom of the reblogged post doesn’t do the trick. Please write at the top of the reblogged post something along the lines of “Reblogged from AmericanTransMan” with a link back to the original post on my blog.

3. Please don’t reblog the entire post. I suspect that most bloggers like to see traffic come to their site and I’m no different, so please only reblog the first couple of paragraphs and then provide a link back to my original post.

For bloggers on Word Press, there is already a nice reblogging function that does all of the things mentioned above. When a Word Press writer reblogs someone else’s post, the original author gets a “pingback” showing that a link back to their blog has been made elsewhere, the original author/blog gets credit and only the first bit of the post is reblogged with a link leading back to the original.

Thank you for your interest in my blog and for following these guildelines when reblogging from ATM.

2 Responses to Reblogging Posts from ATM

    • Thanks for letting me know. I read the thread on Facebook and I think you are fighting a valiant but perhaps losing battle, not because you are wrong but because no matter what evidence you present, that person will not change his belief system. That person may even have some psychological or emotional issues. But thank you for trying.

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