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Boston Pride 2011 & Blog Summer Vacation

On Saturday, I attended my third Boston Pride.  The weather was awful – cold, windy at times with intermittent downpours. But the bad weather didn’t seem to dampen people’s spirits.  This was only my third Boston Pride and only the … Continue reading

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Easter Nightmares Put to Rest – Revisited

I’ve been working on a new blog post, but today, my mind is being drawn to the past.  Some of those old feelings of Easter dread are bobbing up to the surface just enough to get a little bit of … Continue reading

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Capt. James T. Kirk – Trans Man for a Day

On June 3, 1969, Episode #24 of the third season of Star Trek, entitled “Turnabout Intruder,” aired on CBS.  I was eight years old at the time, almost nine when I watched it, and it blew me away.  That episode … Continue reading

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Claiming a Name in 2010

How was 2010 for you? I have heard so many people talk about 2010 as a tough year, a crazy-busy year, a year with a rough economy.  Most of all, people seem to have experienced a significant level of intensity in … Continue reading

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Pride Day, 2010

[For those of you not so interested in an account on the Interfaith service, just click below on “Continue reading.”] Last year was my first Boston Pride, and only the second Pride I’d ever attended in my life.  It was … Continue reading

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An Island of Closet in a Sea of Outness

A few weeks ago, I was at the salon where I’ve been getting my hair cut for over 10 years.  I was reclined in one of those sink-chairs, my legs sprawled out in front of me, a towel behind my … Continue reading

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Part 2 – Sex Steroids, Estrogen Blockers and What’s in Your Bones

In our last episode, Robin had entered the Bat Cave unannounced and unwittingly walked in while Batman was giving himself his bi-weekly injection of testosterone cypionate.  Robin stopped dead in his tracks and stood staring.  Batman glanced up and, without … Continue reading

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