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(Familiar) Stranger in a (Not So) Strange Land

I used to be invisible. In fact, I was invisible for decades but during all that time, I didn’t even know it. I came to realize it one day when I was walking down the hallway at work,  just weeks … Continue reading

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Odor Perception is Affected by Sex Hormones Too, and Then There’s This Business About Pheromones

In our last scientific episode, we had cake and pork chops. Oh, and we also talked about the effects of transitioning on a person’s scent. But really, that post gave only half of the story.  To explain what I mean, … Continue reading

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Transitions: They’re Not Just for Trans People

When you go to the Word Press home page, you see a panel of images and titles of blog posts that the fine folks here at WP have chosen to be on the “Freshly Pressed” dashboard. I like to peruse … Continue reading

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Why Transitioning with Testosterone Tends to Transform Transmen’s ScenT

A trans guy asked me once, “Can you write about why my scent has changed since I went on testosterone?  My girlfriend wants to know.” Of course she does. I’d heard of this phenomenon before, enough to make me believe … Continue reading

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